Pudding is a must for me, whether it’s a fruit salad or a giant hunk of chocolate fudge cake, it is a mandatory follow on from all meals. Unless I’m going out… in which case a cocktail is much more suited.

This ones great for summer, and can be mixed up in anyway you like to suit you. Make it healthy, unhealthy but whatever you do make it tastey.

Fumble is essentially a cold crumble. The recipe was found by my Grandma in The Guardian, and made by my mum as a traditional cold strawberry crumble, but I just can’t get enough of Fumble. I’ve found that once you have made the Fumble it’s so easy to whip up a different pudding in no time.

Fumble and Natural yoghurt. Just one fumble variation
Keep your Fumble supply in a tin for up to 2 weeks!

Here is the basic recipe, the rest is down to you!

  1. 225g plain flour
  2. 200g unsalted butter, fridge cold and cut into cubes (fridge cold is important!)
  3. 150g demerara sugar
  4. 100g oats
  5. Teaspoon of cinnamon

1) Set the oven to 180c

2) Throw all the ingredients into a bowl and use your fingers to rub in the butter to the dry stuff until you have a crumb like consistency.

3) Squidge into clumps and lay on baking parchement in a tray. Evenly spread the lumps and bake for 25 mins.

That is all it takes to get the canvas for your next month of puddings. This crumbley fumbley topping goes with just about anything. I had it with rasberries and natural yoghurt, for a heathy(ish) way to end my meal.

Fumble, berries and natural yoghurt.

but here are some more exciting ideas. The way I see it each fumble variation needs Fumble (obv.) A moist maker (as joey might say) and a little extra something. Pick and choose, mix and match from the list below.

Moist makers:

Fruit yoghurt, greek yoghurt, ice-cream, angel delight, jelly, custard, whipped cream, cream.

Extra something-somethings:

Banana, berries, chocolate chunks, malteasers, toffee/strawberry/chocolate sauce, maple syrup, sprinkles.

Then add fumble

These lists are by no means exhaustive. If you come up with a creative pudding with your fumble please share it with me! Search your cupboards and see what you can do.


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