Why Vegaquarium?

While I would love to take credit for this amazing name. I can’t.

It was all down to a magic little lady who served me and my friend in Asda one day, who when I told her that I was a vegetarian who ate fish replied;

“That means you are a vegaquarium dear, like me.”

And the name stuck. So forget that horrid word “Pescatarian”, which makes me sound like even more of a pesk than I am when I turn up at peoples houses and throw them the veggie card.

I cant wait to share with you my vegaquarium recipes.

And to the magic lady at Asda, thank you, I hope only to be served by you and your cute little ways every time I return.



4 thoughts on “Why Vegaquarium?

    1. Ah thank you shelly!! Wish we could have all done it together you got me so excited the first time! But yes definitely next year I am hooked now big time, get me back in that sky!! xx

  1. Vegaquarium is perfect for you. It also sounds like where a vegetarian or even a vegan would live, so you can invite some like minded people over to where you live, in your Vegaquarium.

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