Fumble sandwiches… hear me out

So I introduced fumble to you, find out how to make it here. 

And initially I believed it was a pudding only type thing. Untill I saw the light. I now introduce to you, Fumble sandwiches.

A humble fumble penut butter and jam sandwich

From my experience, peanut butter and jam is much more like Marmite than Marmite is. People either love it or hate it, or worst of all they refuse to try it. This sandwich is the man. Let me explain why.

First there is the taste. Sweetness from the jam, and saltiness from the peanut butter, don’t knock it till you try it.

Then there is the texture. The squish of the bread is a perfect contrast to the crunch of the fumble and the peanuts. Think of nachos, you have the squishy cheese and the crunchy crisp, and it tastes amazing. This is a similar principle.

I made this one for my brother, and although he is a typical boy who eats anything and everything, he was extremely satisfied!

Fumble sandwiches could be made with chocolate spread, different jams, maybe even marmite. The peanut butter is not essential, I am just a huge fan of the stuff.

Try it.

A fumble sandwich in the making

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