Ducks and dogs

I am home from University at the moment, and making the most of home cooked food. While the gardens in Bournemouth are beautiful, they don’t quite match up to the size of Hylands Park.

Hylands is the venue for V festival, I usually attend, but unfortunately the budget didn’t stretch that far this year! Hylands House was used as a double for the White House in the 2004 film Chasing Liberty, and is where Olly Murs shot his music video for “Please dont let me go!” It’s a huge open space, with duck ponds, lakes, gardens and trees. Perfect for dog walking and for feeding ducks.

This dog can fly
Alix and Cassie
Ducks at our feet!

What I learned from the day.

  1. If you get a dog, be prepared to pick up poo which is not entirely normal looking. Cassie the golden retreiver, did a golden poop while we were out and it wasn’t pretty.
  2. Ducks are not scared of humans if the humans have a loaf of bread in their hands. As we stood at the pond we had the whole Hylands community of ducks scattered at our feet like hungry dogs. They quacked a lot, it made me laugh. A lot. Although I did read a sign explaining how bread is like ducky McDonalds, so maybe I’ll do a post on how to make healthy duck food so they don’t get too porky.
  3. Geese hiss. Especially at dogs, unfortunately Toby managed to get on the wrong side of one!
We became the pide piper of duck world

I also made friends with a squirrel. Squirrels are my favourite. They’re rapid, mischievous and are a bit like Meerkats, who are also my favourite. This one is called Monkey.

Too cute

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