Perfect sweet potato wedges

These are easy, delicious, cheap and a massive crowd pleaser! Plus the only ingredients you need are sweet potatoes, oil and whichever seasoning takes your fancy.

Try me!

They team perfectly with garlic mayo, burgers, fish, and are a lower carb option to normal potato wedges. I enjoyed mine with a BBQ, a few friends and more than a few cocktails, which I will also blog the recipe for.

  • Heat your ovan to 200 degrees
  • Cut up the sweet potato(s) in half, then into wedge shapes. My wedge shaping is never great, so feel free to go for the rustic look
Wedge your tatty, careful with the knife as they can be tricky to slice
  • Par boil the wedges for 8 minutes
  • While they boil, make your marinade by mixing a good helping of olive oil with your seasoning. I used garlic salt and chilli flakes. Other ideas are thyme, chilli powder, paprika, or just plain salt and pepper. Genrally go for whatever flavours you enjoy the most
My wedge marinade, oil garlic salt and chilli. Dont skimp on the oil!
  • Tip them onto a baking tray, and pour over the marinade
  • Pop them in the hot ovan for about 35 mins or untill crispy, you can finish them off in the grill but they burn easily.

As a student I make these all the time, sweet potatoes are filling and cost about 45p depending on how big it is!

I spent the evening with friends and family in what we could finally call a real British summer! Even my cat got a taste of the BBQ. Let me know how you get on with these, and what different seasoning you like to use!

I call these my fruitella cocktails, made with gin, raspberry syrup, frozen raspberries and cherry juice.
We enjoyed them quite a lot…


4 thoughts on “Perfect sweet potato wedges

    1. Ooo wow I have never tried basil mayo! I am a massive fan of mayonaise though so will definitely give that one a go, thank you!

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