5 more than adequate excuses to lick the bowl

This puppy knows how to get involved

1) It makes us feel like we are 5 years old again! Baking cakes was the best bit about visiting your grandma, and licking the bowl afterwards was the tip of the gooey cakey iceberg. Me and my brother would argue to the death about who got the bowl licking honours, so as a compromise one of us would get the spoon and the other the bowl. We still argued.

2) Secretly… sometimes the mixture is better than the cake itself!! As much as you hate to admit it.

3) What if you have used salt instead of sugar?! If you hadn’t sampled the mixture you would never know, and could serve up disguised salty delight to guests. Licking the bowl is obviously just a necessary safety precaution.

4) An hour in the ovan is a long time to wait! You need a sugar fix and that yummy gloopy mixture is just the thing.

5) Whoops, you finished the whole mix and didn’t bake the cake… erm you are saving electricity? Go green warriors!

Proud to lick the cake bowls
Get this lovely tea towel here! http://www.joyofex.org/product/proud-to-lick-cake-bowls-tea-towel


I’ve eaten raw cake mix all my life and never had a problem, but some people like to whinge about it being bad for you, so it’s probably best not to do number 5…! Don’t do this if you are pregnant, it has raw egg in it and baby doesn’t like it.

Images from tumblr


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