The Perfect Fishfinger Sandwich

Vegaquarium by name but unfortunately not by nature… Until now.

It occurred to me that while I claim to eat fish, I have never actually shared any fish related recipes with you. I am currently a fraud. So, of course the only place to start is with the humble fishfinger sandwich, one of my all time favourite go to meals. They are perfect for any time of day, and they are an especially good hangover cure!

Lets face it, this isn’t exactly a recipe, but there are some certain techniques which will perfect your sandwich.

You will need:

  • 2 slices of thick, squishy fresh farmhouse bread. Granary or white.
  • 4 proper fishfingers. NO Asda’s smartprice malarky, I honnestly thought I had just eaten chicken when I tried one, and the fish is very unlikely to be sustainably reared! Classic Birdseye will do you fine.
  • Spread of salted butter
  • Handfull of green leaves, I prefer spinach.
  • SAUCE: This is up to you what sauce you use, but make sure you use one! There is the classic ketchup option, but you could also try tartar sauce, mayo, garlic mayonaise (my personal favourite as I am such a garlic whore) or sweet chilli. Or a combination of the above!! Mayo and sweet chilli is amazing.

1) Set your ovan to 200 degrees on GRILL! Grill your fingers!! It makes the bread crumb coating crispy, which is the best contrast to the soft squidgey bread. Once the ovan is heated, put them in for 6 mins on one side, then turn them and cook for another 6 mins on the other side.

2) Spread the butter then thickly spread your sauce on both sides of bread.

3) Why 4 fishfingers? Because this is the perfect amount for fitting onto your bread. Placing your fingers together is key because you don’t want a bare bit of bread with no fishfinger. It is an art. Then place the green leaves on top (if you like them) and pop the other bit of bread on. Sorted.

How it cures a hangover, science bit: the omega 3 in the fish help mop up horrible things which are produced when alcohol is broken down. Vitamines in the green leaves detoxify your body and are strong antioxidants. They help replace the salts you lost when dancing your little self into the next morning. Serve with a glass of orange juice full of vitamine C, to protect your liver, and sugary coffee or coke to wake up your suffering brain and start to hydrate it!

I promise to provide you with a few more fish recipes from now on!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Fishfinger Sandwich

  1. hey, I hate to gainsay you, but this is not the ultimate

    You need four fishfingers, a tortilla (or possibly one of those Warburtons square wraps, some cream cheese and a large pickled gherking cut into 1/4 inch cubes. Oh and a finely sliced spring onion

    Grill the fishfingers. While they’re cooking, melt the cream cheese in a small pan. Add the spring onion, and the gherkin

    Lay out the wrap, put the fish fingers on, and pour the cheese mix over.

    Roll the wrap once, tuck in the sides, then roll up to the end.

    This is not an elegant dish. You may want not to eat it in mixed company, or indeed any company at all.

  2. I just had to have a fish finger sandwich today after reading this – sooo good – thanks for reminding me just how good they are. X

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