Today’s smile- 10/10/12

Americans love a good holiday and celebration. And to be honest so do I!
Apparently the month of October is the month of Columbus Day, Halloween, Filipino American History Month, National Dental Hygiene Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month and… Vegetarian awareness month!! This might not make you smile as much as a vegetarian like me would. But this article on The Dallas Observer blog is full of funny ways to celebrate this wonderful, yet slightly obscure, awareness month.

My personal favourite is this one:

6. Plant a vegetable garden and try not to catch and grill the inevitable rabbits who come to pillage it.

What Nuts?
A fellow vegetarian. Source: Pinterest, via Gloria Merritt

No Meat Athlete - Runs on Plants


3 thoughts on “Today’s smile- 10/10/12

      1. The Dallas blog is a riot, isn’t it? I love the Comments. I always laugh when vegetarians get on a high horse. At least you’ve got a sense of humour and stay away from the moral crusading.
        The ones who really make me cross are the ones ranting on about the very thought of eating meat making them feel sick. Well, don’t think about it, then

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