Vegan Club

Starting on Monday, me and a few of my other bloggy housemates, who you can find at Blondonblonde and at Amazingmaison, are becoming vegan for the week. Eek.

This means no eggs, dairy, fish, meat, derivatives of the former, and honey. For me this will be tricky, mostly due to my insane obsession with mayonaise. I put it on everything, even on toast with peanut butter. It also means no melty cheese, sob.

But we love a challenge, and by doing it as a team it should be quite fun! (do not quote me on that until next sunday.)

The Rules of Vegan Club

1st RULE: You do not talk about vegan club.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about Vegan Club.

3rd RULE: All who take part should do so whole heartedly.

4th RULE: There will be no consumption of eggs, dairy, fish, meat, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets, non-vegan sauces or honey.

5th RULE: All meals should be recorded

6th RULE: A video diary must be made

7th RULE: Think Vegan, be vegan.

Sooo these rules are not all true, we are not quite as cool or exclusive as Fight club, but rules 3 to 7 do apply!

Today I made pancakes with the excuse that “I need to use up my eggs and milk” I then piled them with everything sugary because my sweet tooth is big in the game right now.

Peanutbutter, jam and custard.

Tomorrow we are making a veggie lasagne with garlic bread so hopefully we can get a good cheese fix.

Check in on our blogs all of next week to see how we are getting on with being vegan, watch out for some embarrassing and suffering people on video, and wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Vegan Club

  1. Wait a minute. Didn’t you just violate rule #1 and #2? Good luck on your vegan quest – may your diet be meatless and your greens plentiful. -Rene

  2. Good luck Bronya. I did this a few years go (actually a lot of years ago) when vegetables were pretty much restricted to spuds, carrots, and cabbage.
    At least now you can get lots of yummy vegetables. And bean curd. And Quorn.
    Should be easy peasey

    1. BTW, in deference to your endeavours, I’ve posted something on messingaboutinthekitchen.
      It’s something I invented/adapted to cater for a rabid vegan
      ‘Vegan Hang Chow Lion’s Head.’
      May be good when the mayonniase cravings are kicking in and you’re feeling a bit sorry about any decisions that feel a bit ill advised. You can pig out on this and still feel good


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