Rhumbar Caribbean Restaurant

I have trawled Urban Dictionary for an appropriate caribbean slang greeting, but nothing was quite fitting… I don’t think “What a gwan” is quite my style.

Today my parents, susie Q and Pappa Smole, ventured down to bournemouth to see me! After they had made a unintentional detour off the M25 that is..

As usual I was spoiled rotten (thanks rentys <3) and we went out for lunch at the new Caribbean restaurant in town, Rhumbar. I spotted it on facebook a few weeks ago and was desperate to try it out! I love food from around the world and actually Caribbean is one of the only cuisines I haven’t really tried, and it certainly wasn’t let down. In fact if you live in the Bournemouth area then you have to go!!!

It tasted unbelievably good, and looking at these pictures are just making me want to eat it all over again.

The vibe in the restaurant was just what we needed, I felt like I had escaped the freezing cold of bournemouth town centre and sat down on a sunny beach in jamaica. Caribbean music was playing, there were palm trees and, best of all, there was the promise of summer cocktails and funky food. Rhumbabar.

The food was full of flavour, and there was so many different exciting things on the menu it took so long to to choose! Being the fickle people we are, we ended up all picking one and sharing it around.

Tempted by the amaaazing range of starters, we went for the pumpkin frittas and salt fish with dumplings. Salt fish is a jamaican classic, usually served with ackee, which is the national fruit of Jamaica! Jammin.

Mains were just as exciting. We had Brown stew sword fish, ackee and saltfish, and coconut salmon and prawn.

If you have never eaten Caribbean, “rice and peas” means “rice with black beans”, which adds a satisfying squish to the meal!
Ma and Pa loved it!
A lot.
They do a £6 lunch menu, a full menu and so many cocktails and deals. So here me now, and get yourselves down to Rhumbarrr.

4 thoughts on “Rhumbar Caribbean Restaurant

  1. My brother in law is from Barbados. The food at the wedding was all home catered, and absolutely delicious. Just amazingly good. I nearly exploded I ate so much.

    Guess what we had for breakfast next day? You never will, so I’ll tell you. Flying fish. If you ever have the chance to try this, don’t pass it up. It’s delicious simply floured and shallow fried. Add some cold rice and peas… That was a start to the day, I can tell you

    1. It was! If you ever get the chance to go there you should :) And yes can’t say I dont love it when ma and pa come to visit they are too generous! I guess it is because they miss me.. haha

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