Restaurant Experiences

Until I learned the real art of procrastination, restaurants only existed in the form of the simple eat and pay sort. Oh how very wrong I was.

Dining has become so much more of an experience these days, and some of these experiences can be pretty special! I have never done any but it’s on my to do list.

1) Dans Le Noir

My best friend Polly told me about this one. The idea is that you experience eating your food in total darkness, as if you are a blind person.

This may seem crazy, but by closing of one sense it heightens your others, so tasting food is a whole new experience! You are in a role reversal situation as you a being served and guided by a blind waiter.

Described as “A sensory experience that awakens the senses and allows us to completely re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell.” it couldn’t sound much more exciting!

Dans le Noir

2) Cook your own

Sometimes going out for dinner doesn’t mean being lazy. You know there’s that amazing meal that you wish you could recreate, you can probably learn how to!

There are hundreds of hands on, one on one cooking lessons out there, from Thai food to cupcakes. It seems like a really fun and different experience, plus you can spend the next few dinner parties impressing your guests with new skills. Win win.

Last year I sent my parents to a Chilli picking, cooking and tasting experience and they loved it.

Check out voucher code sites before you buy the experience as there is nearly always at least 15% off.

3) Underground restaurants

Inspired by Blogger Ms Marmite, she has spread a revolution of eating out. She calls her movement “start a supper club“, in which she inspires people to start their own restaurants/ dining events in their homes. You could find yourself in the front room of a soon to be next Heston Blumenthal.

4) Dinner with a view

This is a slightly more normal way of eating, but the experience is heightened (literally) by the stunning views. Some of the most amazing views in the world can be seen while you enjoy your food, you just have to get up there.

One extreme way to get up with your dinner is “Dinner in the sky.” This experience involves eating at a table which is held 50 metres above the ground!

France, 24 Hours of Le Mans

 Not all dinner with a view has to be so extreme. In london, try Altitude 36O, situated right next to the London Eye. Alternativly, ride a gondoler 7,700 feet above sea level to the Eagle Eye’s restaurant in British Columbia. It promises breath taking views of the snow capped Rocky Mountains.


In the Greek island Santorini, a sea filled volcanic crater creates the perfect place for a restaurant to perch.

One day maybe I will review one of these exciting ways to eat, but in the mean time I would love to know if you have done anything like this!


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Experiences

  1. Dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top
    Of the BT Tower watching the sun go down and the lights come on across London. Not quite the Rockies but a great dining experience:)

    1. Oh wow, bet it was so interesting to hear from her! She does some amazing stuff. Was that at BritMums Live? I had a look at the highlights and it looks really exciting!
      Thank you :) I think I am most intrigued by eating in total darkness, but would probably need a good napkin…! x

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