Cooking tricks

Cooking can sometimes be a huge pain. Things get fiddley, stuff gets in your eyes, you burn yourself, the list is endless. So I thought it might be time to share a few tips and tricks that make it a little bit easier.

These are things I’ve collected from people I know, nuggets of gold that change your life. Massive over reaction, but I’m trying to lengthen this intro.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a short cut for washing up yet, but when I get my Hogwarts letter I’ll be pretty much sorted.

Wooden spoon above boiling water

Leave your pasta to boil, come back 2 minutes later and there is water everywhere. Sound familier? Lie a wooden spoon flat over the top of the sauce pan. It pops the bubbles when they boil up, and it stays in the pan.

Crush garlic with salt

If you don’t have a crusher, chopping garlic finely can be tricky. This one was taught to me by the lovely Louey at Amazing Maison. Place the garlic on a chopping board with just a pinch of salt. Then use the flat part of you knife to flatten and grind it up. Keep pushing it into a pile and chopping, the salt grates against the garlic clove and makes it into a fine garlicky paste!

Freeze chillies, ginger and spinach

Chillies are much easier to chop when frozen, ginger can be grated whenever you need it, and spinach can be added to any sauce or dish. And they all last so long!

Vanilla in the sugar jar

Pop a vanilla pod in your jar of sugar, it makes the sugar taste extra sweet. It enhances any porridge, cake, and even cup of tea.

Marinate in a bag

If you need to coat anything with flavour, whack it in a sandwhich bag, pour in the marinade and shake it up! Saves messiness as well, but remember to seal the bag.

Hopefully this list of handiness will grow. Please comment with your favourite tips and cheats! When I asked my mum for hers, she poetically replied “Cook with love.” Soppy woman!

(Pictures not mine, apart from the below)

Love lurpack, love the adverts, love the peely bits that comes with it. They have some cute cooking tips on them, so me and the girls collect them and pop them on the fridge.

20121207-012520 PM.jpg


3 thoughts on “Cooking tricks

  1. Oh and here’s a tip. If you have some fish and want to cut it into chunks or slices, pop it in the freezer for half an hour or so to firm it up and stop it disintegrating as you cut it. It’s a lot less slippery too. Obviuosly if it’s already frzen, don’t let it defrost fully before you get the machete out.

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