[warning, extreme over use of bad puns]

Upon procrastination in the library, I came across the Guardian’s food blog about Spam. I had to share my thoughts with you, because I found this Spamtastically amusing.

As M&S would never say, this is not just Spam, this is glam Spam. Spam really do promote the idea of having a spam catered party, where I immagine everyone eats Spamcakes, Spamapes and Spamwiches.

The spam website is loaded with horrendously amazing spam recipes for “special occasions” to enjoy while dancing around in Spamerous cocktail dresses to Spamnam style. And they drink Spam-Miguel. Spamela Anderson could even attend.

SPAM® Bruschetta

Even when I was not a vegetarian I never touched Spam, mostly because it reminded me of cat food. Although to be honest cat food is probably better for you.

All the same, I can’t help but wish that maybe the queen will replace her cucumber sandwich and caviar catered parties, with the Spam caterers, things really would go off with a Spam.


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