How to: Drinking Jenga

As much as I love food, I also enjoy a drink. Being a student and working at a Rum/ Vodka bar makes the ocasional it hard to avoid.

A few weeks ago I went home because it was my second mum’s birthday! She’s known me since I was born, and along with her daughter (my best friend) we have enjoyed many a holiday in Cornwall together. She has cooked for me, bought me bandages when me and Polly went rollerblading and it all went wrong, let me sleep round her house countless times, and can occasionally relate to my problem of being a bit dozy. I once watched her get chased by a wasp on Polzeath beach, it still makes me laugh.

Anyway, in celebration of her big day, I made her a game. Drinking Jenga.


All you need is:

  1. Wooden Jenga set
  2. Permanent marker pen
  3. Paper

The idea is that each block you remove from the Jenga set comes with a drinking instruction or a forfeit  What’s great is that you can make it personal to the person you are giving it to.


1) Come up with a list of rules and number them 1-15. Because it was Julies birthday mine looked like this:

Julies drinking rules

2) Lay out all the bricks from the Jenga, and with your permanent marker label them on the underside of the brick with a number. Make sure there are the same amount of every number until you only have a few bricks left, then chose your favourite rules.

3) Rebuild the tower and you are ready to go. Each time someone gets a number, it correlates to the rules. Simple!

You can come up with any rules you like, the more imaginative the better.


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