Day 1- Chelmsford to High Wycombe

The first day is complete! 60 miles for me, Ellie and Susie Q, and 80 miles for Konrad, Matt and Papa smole. I am amazed by everyone’s efforts, especially the boys for doing the last leg after intense heat and rough terrain!

The route today was a fairly easy cycle out of Chelmsford, it involved a quick-tips session with papa about how to cycle efficiently which helped a lot. It then got tougher as we reached the busy outskirts of London, several detours were made and things were very stopy-starty. (That’s an official term) This made it hard to keep momentum going!

Next challenge was the off-road terrains we were faced with on the cycle paths. Sand, rocks, gravel and crater-filled concrete put a spanner in the works when it came to riding fast. Nevertheless, we all powered through and finally got off the beaten track.

Highs of the day include several sing-songs, a rabbit running across the road, arriving at the premier inn.

Low points of the day include needing a wee and not being able go in the woods, a dead rabbit, sore bums, Konrad’s nipple rash, my constantly twitching thumb from the ride making it hard to type!

Tomorrow we cycle 90 miles to Frome. But first things first, sleeeeeeep.

More pictures to follow tomorrow when I have the energy! In the mean time, this is what colour konrad’s bath went.

P.S apologies for any spelling/grammar errors, my brain is not in gear. No pun intended!

Dirty bath water


Dirty bath water



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