Day 2- High Wycombe to Frome

Today’s ride was hot and hilly. Getting on the saddle this morning was the most painful, even with padded shorts and specially shaped bike seats, our bottoms were sore!

After easing into the saddle, we ascended on the first hill climb of the day. It was long, hot, steep and full of cars, but it was good practice for the hills to come.

As this is primarily a blog about food, I thought I should tell you about what we eat to keep our energy levels up! Gel bars. Can I get an “mmmmm.”

No. Because they’re pretty gross. You wouldn’t want to eat them for pleasure, unless you like tubes of sweet flavoured goo. Orange is my least favourite as it tastes a little like curry flavoured goo. On the other hand they are perfect for cycling!

On the flip side, our amazing support, 1 man team, Gill, has also made some amazing Gill bars, an upgrade from Gel. They are oaty, seedy, buttery and fruity. Probably the best flapjack I have ever eaten, especially after 30 miles hard cycling. Gill has been our absolute saviour on this trip! She has made us lunch, met us with water, medicine, rescued us when our legs were too tired to peddle any more, the list goes on! The team wouldn’t be able to ride with life her, so a big thanks!

We have just got back from a rather late but huge country pub lunch, not a chip was left lonely! Next stop, bed.

Tried to post pics but I don’t have enough Internet!

20130716-110003 PM.jpg

20130716-110014 PM.jpg

20130716-110154 PM.jpg


2 thoughts on “Day 2- High Wycombe to Frome

  1. Well done Smolen’s but you really should have 8″ of memory foam on the saddle and large sombreros!! I am loving Bronya’s blog.

    1. Thanks granny! I agree with the foamy saddles, definitely what we need. Speak to you when we are back! another hot day today but nice ride, will blog about it in a bit xxx

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