Day 3- Frome to Cullompton

As the days have gone on, cycling has got tougher! Me and mum did 30 miles today before hopping in the car with the lovely support team. Dad, Konrad and Matt carried on to do about 60 all together, which is amazing in 31 degrees heat!

While I complain about the hills, the surrounding area has become more scenic on the rides… minus a few dead badgers. Everything is green and hobbit like, with rolling hills, thatched roofs and old cottages. We’ve passed cows, sheep and even alpacas!

On our travels we bumped into a fellow cyclist. He must have been at least 65, and was braving the bumps and inclines of the countryside himself. He helped us with directions, and made me feel a little more human for not being such a pro at the hill climbs. I hope he enjoyed the rest of his ride and rewarded himself with a hearty plate of food when he got home. What a cutie.

The last stretch I did took us down a long A-road to Glastonbury! I have never been there but it is exactly as I expected. Shops filled with runes, mystic stones, palm readers and dream catchers. A real hippy haven. I had a strawberry gelato, a bit like a sorbet but creamier, and it hit the spot perfectly.

The Glatonbury Tor. Would love to climb up the hill some day, but after this bike ride is not the best time…!

The boys carried on through the hills down to Taunton where they were picked up and driven to devon to meet us at the pub where we are staying. At the end of the day, this a holiday, we aren’t letting down any sponsorship so we don’t want to kill ourselves with too many miles in the heat!

Once again, dinner was wolfed down with not a chip left standing.

Tomorrow we reach cornwall! I can’t even contain my excitement!!! the 6 am starts, hill climbs, hill falls and hot days will finally pay off. We will be just 20 miles from Polzeath and more importantly, surf and cheesy chips.

Sam, my boyfriend, also joins us tomorrow evening for the final day and a taste of my favourite place ever! He has recently caught the bike bug, I blame papa smole. He has a snazzy new bike and has been practicing on the horrible hills of sheffield. I say horrible, he may disagree. Even so, I rekon after this week I could still beat him at an endurance race.

Bike prepping at 7am this morning, seems like days ago!

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