Day 4- Collumpton to Bodmin

Unfortunately I was MIA from the action this morning as my every mysterious allergic reaction flared up and I had to go to the pharmacy. In a way I am a little glad, apparently it was hills, hills, hills. It was not Susie’s favourite leg of the journey. The hills were steep, long, and apparently it is the hottest day of the year so far! So big well done to them for cycling 28 miles in that. If you don’t believe me when I said it was hot, Konrad and Ellie managed to print their hands in the tarmac!

Hollywood boulevard
Hollywood boulevard

I joined and we continued along a converted railway. It was flat, hooray! And have some lovely views. We also saw a mr and a mrs stoat! But they quickly ran off. We met some challenging terrains, boulders, long rock paths, but amazingly nobody fell off! The only downside of all the flats were the flies that flew into my mouth. I ate two of them. I spat one out so I think I should still count as vegetarian?

We are now in Bodmin, which is officially in Cornwall! Plus I had haloumi for dinner, so all in all life is good!




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