Mumma’s feel good orange hot chocolate

Sometimes everyone has needs a good pick me up. This hot chocolate is the answer. It is zesty, warming and chocolatey, like a big hug in a mug. 

Mumma's orange hot chocolate.JPG

Mum’s are pretty special beings. They are a bit magic. They put up with you at your very worse and at your very foulest. They are the phone call you constantly forget to return, but they are still there to pick up the pieces when you decide you need them. My mum knows when to send me a picture of my cat Mr Pigley (she just about knows how to use the camera…) She is 150 miles away, yet is still always just around the corner if I need her. She knows how hem a dress, don a Thai Chi ball, fix an ailment, but best of all, even after a long day helping even more people at the hospital (told you they are magic), she knows how to cook.

I don’t know what it is that turns you from just making dinner to being able to cook. But Susie has it, whether it’s an old favourite, a new adventure or a feel good pudding, it makes my tummy smile. Cue- my mumma’s feel-good orange hot chocolate. When she came down to Bournemouth last weekend she equipped me with the weapons to make this hot cuppa-chocolate.

It is simple and effective. Chocolate releases endorphins and reduces your blood pressure. Cinnamon is one of natures natural healers, and orange boosts your immune system and evokes that nostalgic feeling of a cosy winter.

To serve 3 cups you will need:

  • 70g dark chocolate (I used Lindt 70% coco solids, don’t go below 65%)
  • 400ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tbs cinnamon
  • zest of half an orange
  • 2 tbs juice from that orange
  • 2 tbs golden caster sugar- this is optional and adjustable to taste

Mumma's orange hot chocolate.JPG

1) break up the chocolate into tiny pieces and start melting it in a pan over a low heat. Then pour in a little bit of the milk until it all starts to become a runny paste.

2) Add half of the rest of the milk, the cinnamon, the orange juice and the orange zest and continue to heat over a low flame. Keep stirring, it must not boil but needs to start steaming.

3) After 5 mins add the rest of the milk and add the sugar and continue to stir until it is piping hot, but again do not burn it! Take your time, like a witch brewing a potion.

4) Pour into your favourite mug, or if your feeling adventurous scoop out the inside of the orange and pour it into that. I warn you this is tricky, I made a hole in mine and it didn’t make a great mug, but it looks cute. Sort of. It’s rustique ok.

Enjoy and share with the people you love. And never under-appreciate the power of your mum!

Mumma's orange hot chocolate


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