Real blogs about real people doing real good things! There are too many amazing blogs out there for me to name them all, so here are a handfull internet locations I enjoy visiting the most. I’ll give you a little taste of why I like them, but the best thing you can really do is visit the site and work it out yourself.

Pinch of Yum

A food bloggers paradise. The amount of times I have favourited a recipe on this blog is insane, everything this woman cooks looks absolutely amazing. Not only does she tell you how to make amazing food, she and her husband tell you how to make an amazing blog! Each month they post how much money they made from the blog and how. Their are also video tutorials on photography, advertising and everything you need to get your blog going full speed ahead. Have a look!

cookie bars

Gluten is my bitch

I’m not gluten intolerant, but my best friend is, and this blogger is hilarious! I love her attitude towards being celiac, her sarcastic comments  and following her day to day life! Read this for a laugh, and an eye opener into what celiac disease is! So many people just do not have a clue.

A Beautiful Mess

Food, craft, fashion and beauty all in one place, perfect! It is all kitch and pretty, none of this commercial twaddle. They also have a whole section on photography tips which is definitely worth a look at if you too are a blogger.

!ABM Pumpkin Carving Contest 2012

The American Resident

Diary of an lovely Expat from America. Written beautifully, she tells us about how she has adapted to build a life in Britain and the comparison to the USA. She also blogs recipes, home life and posts which make you smile. It will teach you a lot.

black and white kitten

Material Matchbox

Your go to fashion bible! Clothes, fashion, life and beauty, all from from a very beautiful lady. Who also happens to be great at making tea. Chat to her, follow her, and absorb her eye for all things fashion.

Hourglass and Bloom

A new one on my reading list. Mixing life with food, her happy go lucky atitude is a great read. Her latest post is one of my favourites, a US election drinking game, that is my kind of politics!

Daily Grace

A vlog which makes me laugh every day over my breakfast, guaranteed. She’s a kid at heart, which is why I love her. She’s also youtube mates with Hannah Hart and Jenna Marbles, another 2 of my favourite funny females. Words do not do her justice, just watch!

IT’S HERE. (Taken with Instagram)


This one is brand new, but already a little gem! The author really does know how to make your maison amazing, trust me, I live with her. She’s quirky, kitch, and comes up with some genius ideas for homeware, you’ll want them all.


Anyone who loves peanut butter as much as me goes very high up in my books. But these girls also blog about travelling, food and genrally the good life.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll and Inspiration

    1. It wouldn’t been finished without it, I love the blog :) Keep up the amazing work, and thanks for popping over here its so nice to hear from you! x

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