THE Bike Ride

In nearly 3 weeks today, the long awaited bike ride to Cornwall begins. I will be riding from Chelmsford to Land’s end over 5 days (and a over lot of hills), with my family and friends.

Today I took my noble steed for a spin for the first time, and clipped into the peddles.

Yes. I did fall off. I forgot to unclip, however I won’t be doing that again!

Over next few weeks I will be trying out different foods for fuel on here, and asking for all the help I can get! Cycling tips, good fuel recipes, must-have products, and crossed limbs of luck- send it all my way!

My Steed - Thank you Papa Smole
My Steed – Thank you Papa Smole

(Note the potting table behind him and remember it for a DIY blog post to follow on making your gifts extra special)