Vegan- Day 1

Vegan week has begun. But not before I had eaten the biggest cheese fest of my life on sunday night. We tucked into a cheese bomb of veggie lasagne and cheesy garlic bread, made by my housemate Beth. It was amazing even if she did set the fire alarm of a few times…

Life was good. Especially as I made eggy, custardy, creamy bread and butter pudding for desert. Life was really good.

Today is Monday and life is a little less cheesy, eggy and custardy. In fact it is bare of any source of dairy, but so far it isn’t too hard. The trickiest bit so far is snacks! Instead of tucking into a chocolate bar or cereal bar I am left with… rasins. I did buy myself a Nak’d bar, but it tasted a little bit like muddy cardboard. I now know why they are called Nak’d bar; they are naked of all possible flavour.

The other girls struggled a bit more and ate nothing all day. I told them off and filled them up with a dinner of vegan paella, with lemon salted courgettes and spicy baked chickpeas. Unfortunately I added the whole bag of rice fearing that there wouldn’t be enough for everyone. There was definitely enough. There was so much it took years to cook and I think we could eat paella for the rest of the week if we needed. Whoops. I’ll give you the recipe tomorrow, in the meantime here’s a sneak preview:

I am also making a video blog of my week, at the end of the week I will share it with you. Expect ratty faces, ratty voices and whining about my need for mayonaise.