Vegan- Day 4

First, I am sorry, but day 3 got lost in the post…

Today is our 4th day of being vegan!! which means my 4th day without chocolate. I couldn’t hack it so I went out and bought a vegan chocolate bar, which was surprisingly nice.

If being vegan is doing anything to me it is making me think. The fact that so many every day items like chocolate and crisps contain milk and eggs makes me realise how huge the farming industry must be. Obscure products which you wouldn’t expect to contain animal bi-products, do! Did you know some wine is not vegan? Weird…

I am still missing mayonaise a lot. I hate ketchup so sauce is fairly limited!! Yesterday I made my sweet potato wedges, but they were incredibly lonely without their usual mate Garlic Mayonaise.  *Double sob* In an attempt to comfort them, I made a creamy avocado dip which went a little like this:

You will need:

  • Avocado
  • Handfull of spinach
  • 1 clove of garlic

1) Chop the spinach finely and wilt it. This can be done in the microwave with a bit of water.

2) Crush a garlic clove and mash it up with the avocado flesh. Then stir in the spinach. Done!

Dinner tonight was an amazing lentil thai curry made by Bethany. She proved that vegan food is definitely not tasteless! And we all cleared our bowls. Her lovely recipe is from one of my favourite blog sites- Pinchofyum. You can get it here!

She made it her own by adding lemon salted courgettes, which I will be posting separately in just a sec! Along with the Paella I promised you. Pinky promise.

Thank you Bethany dinner was amazing!!!